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I would like to nominate Elaine Collins (Peter’s wife) for the title of Uncrowned Queen of the Doctor Who fandom.  Do I hear any “Seconds?”


Specifically this bit: "In Doctor Who, he wears a special ring to cover his wedding ring while filming. "It sits on top of it," he says, holding his wedding band. "I didn’t want to take it off because I felt sure that working every day for 32 weeks, if I took it off it would go somewhere or fall off somehow. So I got them to make a special Doctor Who ring that fits on top of it. It has a special gem in it … but that’s another story .”“

Definitely seconded


The Doctor’s Name in Circular Gallifreyan

New sticker design on Etsy which i think you guys will love. It’s the Doctor’s name in Circular Gallifreyan.

Some of you may have seen one of my decals, the Seal of Rassilon. The seal itself appears in the end of time episodes. I’ve highlighted it below. It’s Rassilon’s seal, we can assume it’s his name in Gallifreyan.

End of Time screen cap

In the latest who episode, A Good Man Goes to War, we get a glimpse of the Doctor’s name carved into his cot.

Some of us assumed the whole design with 7 circles is the Doctor’s name; I don’t think so, it doesn’t match up with the Rassilon one, he just has the one circular design for his name, not 7 or so.

In the scene with the cot, there are 2 shots with 2 different designs, but there is a common element in the 2, the design style of that element makes me assume that that element is in fact the Doctor’s name. See below.

A good man goes to war cot screen cap

I did draw that first design, which looks fantastic, too big for a decal that i can send out though.

The Doctor's Name in Circular Gallifreyan redraw

I felt that the re-draw wasn’t quite right, it was after all based on a screen cap of a cot which was carved out of wood. So i used the Seal of Rassilon design (based off of concept art) and tweaked the style a bit and that’s how i came up with the final design for the Doctor’s name. I think it looks great, it’s a lot of work to actually make this decal, it’s very detailed, i think the results are worth it, i might actually put a white one on my car window.

The Doctor's Name in Circular Gallifreyan compared with Seal of Rassilon

I’m interested to hear what people think of my deductions, am i way off or does it sound about right?



Dear SPN writers,

If you dare make Castiel go all evil, which leads to Dean having to kill him, you had better lock your doors. Or at least super glue your mailboxes shut.

Because if the whole lesson behind this season is played out to Sam’s initial accusation that family is not more important than saving the world, and that somehow leads Dean to make the call to kill his “other brother” for the good of the world, just…



PS (all of the above plus) Metatron needs to die in a fire wearing clown shoes and have Death come and collect his sorry butt.

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