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Dear SPN writers,

If you dare make Castiel go all evil, which leads to Dean having to kill him, you had better lock your doors. Or at least super glue your mailboxes shut.

Because if the whole lesson behind this season is played out to Sam’s initial accusation that family is not more important than saving the world, and that somehow leads Dean to make the call to kill his “other brother” for the good of the world, just…



PS (all of the above plus) Metatron needs to die in a fire wearing clown shoes and have Death come and collect his sorry butt.

  • Track Name

    Now That You've Died by Patrick Ness

  • Album

    Read for RNIB

  • Artist

    Christopher Eccleston


Here’s actor Christopher Eccleston reading Patrick Ness’s short story “Now That You’ve Died.” This recording was produced for the Royal National Institute of Blind People, the leading UK charity helping blind and partially sighted people. You can learn more about the production here, and more about RNIB here.

If you enjoy this recording, please consider making a donation to RNIB at the link below:

Donated and downloaded, now it’s on my workout mp3 player

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